GOCLEVER increases its UK market presence thanks to MSE

GOCLEVER increases its UK market presence thanks to MSE

Global consumer electronics company, GOCLEVER, is celebrating a successful partnership with UK distribution company MSE one year on from signing the appointment. As specialists in sourcing and supplying IT and entertainment based products for electrical retailers, supermarket chains and independent stores MSE have proved to be the ideal partners to drive GOCLEVER’s portfolio of Tablet PCs to market. Now, both companies are looking forward to increasing the market presence of the GOCLEVER product portfolio with the Q4 roll out of new lines of Tablet PCs, DVRs and for the first time in the UK a range of Smartphones.

For the past year MSE has been working closely with its established distribution network in the UK and Worldwide to maximise the opportunities within the tablet market and the ever changing consumer electronics industry for GOCLEVER. To date MSE have secured support with key mail order companies and established UK E-tailers and its sales team are continually progressing discussions with existing and new clients. MSE reported that feedback from the category buyers so far has been positive on the basis that the GOCLEVER range compliments their existing Tablet PCs offerings, specifically because the GOCLEVER range carries a high technical spec yet is available to their customers at an entry level price point. The new products coming through from GOCLEVER offer up additional exciting sales opportunities for MSE.  

“As part of a three year MSE strategy we identified key product ranges and partners that complement our existing business model which included GOCLEVER,” says Managing Director Jim Morgan. “We have been impressed with the service and support from the UK GOCLEVER team and will continue to build on the success we have achieved in our first year working with the brand. We are especially looking forward to working on GOCLEVER’s new Q4 range.

“MSE’s mission is to deliver a suite of tailored services to our clients that drive growth via competitive advantage and consumer loyalty. Working with GOCLEVER enables us to present a broad range of CE products to our clients, which are technologically strong and competitive.

GOCLEVER has also recently appointed technology specialist PR firm, Pick n Mix PR Ltd in order to raise its profile and product visibility within the UK consumer media. A number of new product launches on the horizon will spur the consumer PR campaign into 2014.



For over 7 years our company has been providing solutions in the field of electronics offering the very best value for money. We focus on clients looking for technologically advanced and easy to use equipment tailored to European requirements and offer a highly competitive approach to pricing. Our strategy has been appreciated by millions of users in over 20 countries in Europe and Asia. GOCLEVER is among the top three largest players in Eastern and Central Europe.

Manufacturing takes place in Shenzhen while our research and development department is working under the guidance of a team of experts from Europe, where it also develops projects and designs new products. GOCLEVER Headquarters are located in Poznan/Poland. In addition, we have offices in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Italy.

About MSE:


MSE UK is a leading distributor of DVDs, Blu-ray, Computer Games, Music CDs and Accessories throughout UK and Northern Ireland.

MSE have been established in the UK for over 20 years and have 5 key divisions, Retail, International, Libraries, B2C and B2B fulfilment. MSE are a division of DCC Sercom, a company with €13billion turnover. (www.dcc.ie)

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