Hannspree parent company Hannstar Display announces profitable Q2 2013 results

New Hannspree branded Tablet PCs coming soon

Hannspree’s parent company, HannStar Display Corporation, is demonstrating its operating prowess over in Taiwan with announced profits having increased by 21% compared to this time last year. Hannstar’s consolidated net sales for Q2 2013 totalled NT$9,173 million whilst according to Taipei based trade publication, DigiTimes, fellow panel makers, Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) in stark comparison recorded a net loss of NT$3.338 billion (US$112 million) with consolidated revenues of NT$15.13 billion.

Source: Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Wednesday 14 August 2013] http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20130814PD213.html

Further information: In Q2 2013 Hannstar Display shipped 4.197 million 19” equivalent panels growing 10.5% QoQ. Total shipments of small & medium-sized panel shipments reached 85 million pieces, large-sized panel reached 50,000 pieces, and 180,000 panels used in LCD monitors for sale under own monitor brand HannsG were also shipped. In terms of product mix; small-sized mobile phone panels, 6.2”~10.1” medium-sized panels and products above 11” accounted for 55%, 36%, and 9% of total product sales respectively.

Original press release from Hannstar [Wednesday 14 August 2013] http://www.hannstar.com/Common.aspx?mid=-14&;tmid=2&modid=3&year=2013

These figures are a positive sign of things to come as Hannstar begins to roll out its second generation HANNSpad Tablet PCs globally under the Hannspree brand. Utilising its own manufacturing facilities and expertise in producing small sized panels and touch screen technology, the Hannspree Tablet PCs will boast specialist display technologies from both Hannstar and HannsTouch*, as well as an aggressive pricing strategy, offering the market a highly competitive proposition. *HannsTouch is the 3rd largest touch screen manufacturer in the world

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