Introducing the new CamCaddy2 Camera Charger and Solar Powered SuperCharger


Following the launch of the FreeLoader iSIS the most advanced, innovative and practical solar powered gadget charger to date, Solar Technology International is pleased to introduce two new additions to the FreeLoader range. The CamCaddy2 and the SuperCharger are available now.

 CamCaddy2 – £19.99

The original CamCaddy, award winning camera battery charger has evolved. The new CamCaddy2 boasts new contact sliders allowing it to provide universal charging for a full range of block style digital SLR, video and compact camera batteries. To ensure safe and fast charging every time, new smart electronics auto set the correct voltage to charge varying battery sizes adapting and modifying voltage through 3-9volts and will not let you overcharge. CamCaddy2 also boasts: an auto polarity sensor to reverse polarity if contact points are mixed up; and an on-board data screen displaying information such as charge time, charge status and battery voltage. All of this is packed into a compact and lightweight design which can be neatly tucked away into a camera bag or pocket.

CamCaddy2 is USB compatible and supplied with a USB cable as standard allowing it to be powered directly and very quickly from a laptop, PC or USB mains/car plug. Alternatively CamCaddy2 can be charged using the power of the sun via the FreeLoader iSIS solar charger – The iSIS Click bundle (£79.99) containing the FreeLoader iSIS and CamCaddy2 is the ideal power package for the amateur and professional photographer who needs camera battery charging capability when working off grid.

Top-Teks, the UK’s leading supplier of high end video and cinematography products for the broadcast and cine industry have tested the CamCaddy2 and say: “the new CamCaddy2 exceeded all expectations by charging every camera battery we could throw at it including video cameras. We are all very impressed and our customers love it too”.

SuperCharger 5W – £49.99

The SuperCharger 5W is an adaptable portable solar charger that can either be used as a standalone charger to provide direct power to a full range of electronic gadgets such as; Smartphones, MP3s, E-readers and Tablets, or as a booster panel to significantly reduce the charging time of the FreeLoader iSIS (from approximately 18 hours in sunlight to just 5-6 hours). With advanced, high density solar cells the SuperCharger works in all daylight conditions and at temperatures from -20°C to +60°C providing power wherever for even the most epic adventures.

Built to last, the SuperCharger features a tough, rubberised and waterproof design. It also comes supplied with two sturdy Velcro straps so that it can be easily secured to a bag, bike, kayak or sled for easy travelling or for solar collection on the move, and weighing in at only 340grammes it is a small addition to any adventurers arsenal of travelling essentials.

The SuperCharger can directly charge an iPhone in 3 hours, an MP3 player in as little as 2 hours or an iPAD in 10 hours. A FreeLoader link cable is supplied for those that already have a FreeLoader solar charger, alternatively the SuperCharger is available as a bundle with the new FreeLoader iSIS: The iSIS GlobeTrotter £109.99.

All of the products in the FreeLoader iSIS series can be bought in a handy all-in-one bundle package to save on individual prices. The iSIS GlobeTrotter Click costs £129.99.

Whatever your adventures, take mobile power with you. The #FreeLoaderiSIS series is available from various reputable retailers including Maplin, and Go Outdoors. For further information visit:

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