Making Sorry the Easiest Word to Say, Introducing Virtual Forgiveness

Are you a Saint or a Sinner?

Are you in the dog house for staying out a little too late with your friends? Let us help you plea your case for forgiveness. You can even choose a gift from our recommended forgiveness stores to sweeten the apology. On the other hand, maybe you are peeved that someone close to you forgot a special occasion, or even worse, left the lid off of the toothpaste tube this morning! Sometimes when you’re upset with someone they don’t even realise they have done something wrong which adds to the frustration. Don’t let your disappointment or anger fester, use Virtual Forgiveness to tell them they have sinned, the nature of their sin, and not so subtly suggest a gift that would guarantee your forgiveness.

Virtual Forgiveness founder, Dan Macklin: “The idea for the website came to me after I upset my wife by working late. We are all guilty of committing little sins here and there, and more often than not they can be resolved with a simple gesture. Virtual Forgiveness, in short, is a novel but helpful tool to encourage us all to forgive and forget. Defusing the conflict in all of our relationships would make the world a much happier place, and I certainly don’t see the harm in making an apology a much less daunting task, and a lot more fun!”

The Virtual Forgiveness service, which uses email messages to make contact with the guilty or innocent party (SMS and Apps coming soon) is completely free, extremely easy to use, and of course private. However, if you would like to share your offenses with us, or ask for impartial advice from others, then we are building a community on Facebook. Come join us. We also trawl the web to find funny and interesting news stories to post for your entertainment.  Place you vote to decide whether an offense or an injustice has been committed. Saint or sinner, you decide!

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