MIMOBOT limited edition character-based USB flash drives come to the UK

Choose from 20 popular pop-culture inspired designs thanks to licensed partnerships with Warner Bros, LucasArts and more

Limited edition character-based USB Flash drives by Mimoco are coming to the UK. A sensational collectable based on pop-culture design, MIMOBOT® designer USB Flash drives feature Star Wars characters, DC Comic favourites and more. With exclusive emotive designs; free assets such as character specific sounds and wallpapers; and of course the everyday portable storage functionality Mimobots have become a global phenomenon.

The Mimobot Flash Drive series boasts official licensed designs thanks to partnerships with some of the most influential forces in pop-culture: Lucas Arts, Hello Kitty and Warner Bros to name a few. Mimoco have produced 250+ Mimobot designs to date! Twenty of the best selling designs are available to buy in the UK including: Darth Vader; Yoda, Batman, Superman, Bumblebee off of Transformers and a Hello Kitty selection.  Whether you are a fanatical Star Wars collector, or are looking for the perfect gift for your Hello Kitty loving sister, Mimobots offer something for everyone. (See full list below)

As innovative and creative as they are portable and functional, Mimobots are more than just form and function.  In addition to 8GB storage and transport for music, docs, pics etc, and instantly recognisable designs, these stand-out Flash drives boast unmatched digital media delivery methods and offer additional, exclusive assets as standard thanks to Mimoco’s Mimory™:

mimoDesk™ Personalisation Suite – free wallpapers, screensavers, icons, avatars, and other digital surprises. mimoByte™ Sound Software – a bit of fun, the Mimobot plays character-specific sounds when  inserted/ejected from a computer.

“Unique design authenticity and useful, daily usage fuse to create the perfect, personal portable memory solutions.” Grab your favourite Mimobot for £19.99 inc. VAT. Available online now.

DC Comic Series:
Batman 8GB
Robin 8GB
The Flash 8GB
Superman 8GB

Star Wars Series:
Wicket the Ewok 8GB
Darth Vader 8GB
R2-D2 8GB
Stormtrooper 8GB
Yoda 8GB

Bumblebee 8GB

GI Joe:
Cobra Commander 8GB

Hello Kitty:
Hello Kitty Apple 8GB
Hello Kitty Balloon 8GB

Ugly Dolls:
Ox 8GB
Emily the Strange Emily-Save Yourself design 8GB

Bruce Lee 8GB
RAY D81 (Skeleton design)
8GB Buddy Chub (Rainbow design) 8GB

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