Public Relations

Reactive press office

A reactive press office is beneficial if time, manpower or budget does not allow for a full proactive PR campaign. Acting on your behalf our PR account managers will profile:

  • Filter incoming journalist
  • Report on journalist
  • Broadcast opportunities
  • Media sales

This service enables you to list Pick ‘n’ Mix as your public relations representation, ensures that you do not miss out on incoming media opportunities and that your key personnel are not contacted directly.

Proactive Press Office

Being prominent in the media is crucial to your brand’s success. PR is an invaluable tool to spread your key messaging and communicate with your existing and potential customers.

We pride ourselves on carefully planned strategies and tenacious follow up which ensures successful PR campaigns with maximum return on investment. Whether targeting B2B or B2C markets, Pick ‘n’ Mix boasts impeccable media contacts, considerable industry experience and in-depth technical knowledge. Utilising our creative writing skills, we provide journalists with precise, ready-made material to encourage quality coverage that will enhance your brand’s reputation and visibility in the market place.

We provide each of our clients with a dedicated media liaison that boasts impact-making communications experience and maintains a comprehensive address book of media contacts. The long standing relationships that our PR professionals have with the UK media guarantees that they are kept up to date with future features and that our clients are regularly covered. We pride ourselves on being able to react to journalist requests quickly and professionally, and we continuously monitor the media landscape for new exposure opportunities.

Public Relations tools

Target Media

  • Media list creation and management
  • Identify vertical markets and relevant media
  • Establish lasting relations with journalists
  • Identify key industry bloggers and social media enthusiasts


  • News programme
  • Reviews programme inc.
  • Sample management
  • Press release copywriting and distribution


  • Build spokesperson profile (comment and interview opportunities – copywriting as standard)
  • Build company profile (company profiles, industry awards, case study, product placement)


  • Clipping Service
  • Monthly coverage report
  • Coverage analysis

A number of our services can be utilised to compliment a PR campaign. Please also see:

Looking for a PR agency in Europe.

We recommend the following local agencies:

hofAtelier: This PR, Graphic Design and Communications agency has been known for its spirited, vibrant and effective work since 1995. Are you looking for fresh ideas? Fully developed and viable concepts? Do you set great value upon customised strategies? Then you should get in touch with hofAtelier.

To contact hofAtelier

Tel: +49 421 7942625
Email Uta Mertens:


Star2Com S.r.l. is a well known brand among the journalists community as a PR Agency which knows their needs. This means (for them): Quick answers, no wasted time, technical and journalistic background, ability to help them in finding the right information and new ideas.

To contact Star2Com S.r.l.

Tel: +39 03411881168
Email: Luca Monticelli, CEO:


Pragmatika, a team of professionals that has been supporting companies in their dialog with strategic markets and targets since 2000.

Pragmatika offers the following services in Italy:
Marketing and Communications, Media Relations, PR, Events, Brand Awareness, Press Office

To contact Pragmatika

Tel: +39 0516242214
Email Rossella Lucangelo, CEO:


Arch Media Pro was founded in 2000. Since then is has been focussed on communication and media relations in forder to push coporate image, brand, products and/or services of its customers. It has representation in Barcelona and Madrid.

Arch Media Pro offers the following multi-platform services in Spain:
Public Relations, Advertising, Translation and Event Organisation

To contact Arch Media Pro

Email Cristina Morós:


Actual is an independent, Paris-based Media and Public Relations consultancy established in 1995 with an initial core competency in technology PR that has extended its outreach to a wider spectrum of industries in the professional and consumer arenas.

Actual offers the following services in France:

Media relations, analyst & influencer relations, strategic consultancy, media training, events management, copywriting, digital PR strategy

To contact Actual-

Email Hervé Delemarre,
Managing Director: