SoftMaker gets onboard the Thunderbird project

SoftMaker’s goal is to build Thunderbird into the best-performing competition to Microsoft Outlook

Millions of users the world over appreciate Mozilla Thunderbird as a powerful e-mail program, but development and innovation slowed after Mozilla cut the Thunderbird development team. German office suite developer SoftMaker is going to help reverse that. It is taking an active role in the Thunderbird community and is providing the development team with a full-time programmer to help improve Thunderbird and the Lightning calendar plug-in. In the soon-to-be released SoftMaker Office 2016, an enhanced version of Thunderbird replaces the eM Client e-mail solution.


  • SoftMaker is taking part in further development of the Thunderbird e-mail program and the Lightning calendar software.
  • Extended versions of Thunderbird and Lightning will be included with the upcoming SoftMaker Office 2016 for Windows.
  • SoftMaker Office 2016 for Windows will enter public beta testing in a few weeks.

Thunderbird to be included with SoftMaker Office 2016

The newest version of SoftMaker’s office suite, SoftMaker Office 2016 for Windows, will enter public beta testing in a few weeks. It will be even faster than before, more compatible with Microsoft Office, more user-friendly and will feature improvements to key functions. Detailed information will be announced when public beta testing begins.

But right now, SoftMaker is announcing a fundamental change to the office suite: SoftMaker Office 2016 will be equipped with a SoftMaker-enhanced version of the Thunderbird e-mail program, together with the Lightning calendar software.

That also means the end of eM Client being part of SoftMaker Office. Users can either switch to SoftMaker-enhanced Thunderbird or purchase an upgrade to the upcoming eM Client 7 directly from the manufacturer of eM Client.

eM Client is out, Thunderbird is in

SoftMaker did not develop eM Client by itself; it was licensed from a Czech company of the same name. SoftMaker decided to switch from eM Client to Thunderbird because it had too little influence on new features and functionality – the eM Client developers had their own ideas about the direction in which they wanted to take the software.

Thunderbird is one of the most powerful e-mail programs around, and it is used by millions of people. Even after Mozilla cut back their support, usage worldwide has been rising and continues to grow.
SoftMaker considers Thunderbird in conjunction with Lightning an excellent solution for e-mail, tasks, and calendaring, and has many ideas for making the combo even better.

To this end, SoftMaker has developed a number of extensions that adapt the Thunderbird user interface to the look and feel of SoftMaker Office and improve features. For example, the SoftMaker extensions offer new functions for efficient filing and navigation in folders with large volumes of e-mail.

SoftMaker has also developed an import filter for eM Client databases. The filter enables fully automated migration of e-mails, address books, calendars, and tasks from eM Client to Thunderbird.

But SoftMaker’s involvement with Thunderbird development does not stop at extensions. SoftMaker is providing the Thunderbird team with an experienced developer on a full-time basis to help improve Thunderbird and Lightning. SoftMaker’s goal is to build Thunderbird into the best-performing competition to Microsoft Outlook. In doing so, SoftMaker puts a high premium on good cooperation with the volunteer team working on Thunderbird.

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