SoftMaker Office HD for Android Tablets leaves the competition in the dust

Office HD by SoftMaker offers the complete functionality of a desktop office suite and is seamlessly compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

SoftMaker Office HD from software developer SoftMaker Software GmbH is the only application available for Android tablets that offers the complete functionality of a desktop office suite. It includes three programmes for on the go document creation and editing all of which have been fully optimised for touch screen operation and are fully compatible with their Microsoft counterparts. Introducing Office HD which contains; TextMaker HD, PlanMaker HD and Presentations HD.

How does SoftMaker Office HD compare to the competition? Office HD’s closest competitors with regard to functionality are WPS Office 6.5 and Office suite 8 Pro + PDF which are lacking many of the features that Office HD delivers. For a full comparison between these and other available office programmes for Android Tablets including Microsoft Office for Tablet, visit: Comparison tables online

Here are some examples of how Office HD leaves the competition in the dust:

  • Best price to performance ratio
  • No subscription, just a one off cost of £17.10 (or £5.99 per individual application)
  • The only solution that promises to maintain and display the original style, layout, content and formatting of original Microsoft Office documents.
  • Seamless exchange of documents between mobile and desktop versions
  • Includes a free PDF export including expanded PDF settings such as password protection, PDF forms, tagged PDFs etc.
  • Allows integration of any TrueType, Open Type and PostScript font
  • Includes an integrated multi-language spell checker and thesaurus
  • Includes an address database to add/manage contacts and an envelope assistant
  • Allows users to generate captions and tables of data, plus tables of content, glossaries and bibliographies
  • SoftMaker continuously strives to improve its software solutions and therefore provides service pack updates to its customers to ensure that they have the very latest version at all times.

Anything you can do on your PC… Whether for personal, professional or educational use, millions of people regularly work with Windows programmes on their PC or laptop. SoftMaker Office HD has been designed to enable full use of comprehensive Office programmes away from the confines of the office desk with applications for word processing, spreadsheet and presentation creation designed specifically for Android tablet users. Perfectly adapted for touch screen operation, SoftMaker Office HD offers tablet users the same functionality and capabilities as a desktop office suite with an easy to navigate interface and menu layout that will be familiar enough to those with Microsoft Office experience to make it a comfortable and uncomplicated transition to using a new programme.

Document exchange that really works… Each of the applications that make up the SoftMaker Office HD suite for tablets is seamlessly compatible with the respective Microsoft office equivalent. This means that users can exchange documents from an existing Microsoft programme to Office HD and vice versa without formatting being lost during the transfer. Users can open, edit and save all Microsoft document formats using SoftMaker Office HD, working equally well with older DOC, XLS and PPT formats and the more modern DOCX, XLSX and PPTX formats that were introduced with Microsoft Office 2007-2013.

TextMaker HD is the Office HD version of Microsoft Word. A few notable features of TextMaker include: Automatic spell check in 17 languages; Review functionality such as ‘insert comment’ and ‘track changes’ to log document revisions; An integrated address database that manages a user’s contacts and can instantly add them into documents; The ability create footnotes and endnotes, add captions and search keywords; and design tools to create diagrams, charts and drawings with an arsenal of artistic effects and text inserts.

PlanMaker HD, the Office HD equivalent to Microsoft Excel, not only enables full use of spreadsheet functionality on the go but also offers users to ability to visualize data and results with charts in presentation quality. For this purpose, a selection of 80 chart types in both 2D and 3D are available. There is also huge scope for spreadsheet work by professionals with features such as; Pivot tables, data consolidation and data grouping. Office HD can support colossal spreadsheets with up to 1 million rows and 16,384 columns.

Presentations HD is the corresponding programme of Microsoft PowerPoint. It is equally capable of creating new and editing existing presentations. It is also an adept slideshow player with playback including animations, slide transitions, sound and music. All of the design elements available with PowerPoint can be found on the Presentations HD interface including; layouts, colour schemes, charts, tables and multimedia objects to name a few, and Presentations HD has a database of ready-made design templates to help users create professional or fun presentations quickly.

All three apps have a PDF export function and allow access to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Evernote directly from within the app.

Office HD is available to download as a full suite from SoftMaker’s website for £17.10: Link
Or as individual applications (Office HD: TextMaker, Office HD: PlanMaker, Office HD: Presentations) from the Google Play store for £5.99 each: Link

More SoftMaker Office announcements coming soon!

About SoftMaker


The German company SoftMaker was founded in 1987 and has since developed and continuously improved its Office program SoftMaker Office. It contains the word processor TextMaker, the spreadsheet processor PlanMaker and the presentation program SoftMaker Presentations. The compact, stable and Microsoft Office compatible office suite is available for Windows, Linux, Android, Windows Mobile and Windows CE. SoftMaker also offers professional font collections including the MegaFont XXL 2.0 and infiniType 3.

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