Product Brand Placement

Need traction for your brand or product?

Product and brand placement is an exciting and rewarding marketing tool. With an increasing demand for prop supply, new, dynamic placement opportunities are waiting for any brand that wants to experience a stimulating and effective mode to reach their target audiences.

Working with our PR team we will develop a brand awareness campaign to promote your brand and products to key decision makers in the film and TV industry in order to establish you as a potential prop supplier for films, TV programmes and music videos. Ensuring you a high level of accountability, we consider the value of each placement and only supply if the target audience is right and consistent with your marketing strategy, and we provide you with a running report service that will detail every stage of the placement process.

  • Production Pack
  • Design and produce promotional production pack
  • Send regularly to producers, broadcasters and media companies
  • Target relevant TV Genres (Reality TV, Soap, Drama, Sport, Food Drink, Fashion, Lifestyle Music videos)
  • Target UK Film productions branded integration opportunities
  • Review synopses and negotiate to secure placements with key characters or on high visibility locations
  • Act as your liaison with the production company to:
  • Engage in loan agreement contracts and manage product deliveries
  • Provide on-set product training
  • Monthly Placement Activity Reports – highlighting all productions secured and in negotiation, including schedule
  • Coverage recording monitoring (time on screen, viewer figures etc…)