Research & Analysis

Your market places consistently evolving?

Understanding your market and strategic objectives is an integral part of our business process. Our research team has a tenacious approach to monitoring news and trends, and are adept at dissecting and examining current and past industry profiles.

From comparing your pricing structure with your competitors’ through to establishing the potential for sales in a new emerging market, our aim is to deliver a detailed analysis report which will enable your company to make more informed business, pricing and development decisions. The goal is to discover your company’s potential, improve your ability to compete effectively and increase the odds of your future success. Our team provide ongoing support to all of our departments as the first and potentially most crucial stage of developing any campaign for our clients.

Competitor Analysis

If you want to get ahead of the competition then you need to have an arsenal of information to hand. We will research your competitors’ presence in your market to arm you with the knowledge required to create your own market strategy. Leaving no stone unturned we will report on: pricing structure and sales channels; media exposure and advertising campaigns; Internet rankings and social media presence; product variety, specifications and technology development; customer service and support methods.

Media Analysis

We are sure you are very aware of the specialist media for your business but understand that you don’t necessarily have the time to research vertical media that could increase the possibilities of exposure for your brand/products to highly relevant audiences and potential customers.  We will explore the media landscape on your behalf to discover and report on the vast untapped media channels that we believe will.  As well as media profiles, audience statistics and basic contact information, we will also provide example clipping storyboards from each media. Please also see our Marketing section if you require assistance researching media information for an advertising campaign.

Industry Analysis

In addition to providing both competitor analysis, our research team will delve a little further into your industry’s past and future to uncover more detailed information . We will report on past success stories, upcoming new technologies, journalist and guru predictions and will happily take your guidance on additional subject matter to investigate on your behalf.