Social Media Marketing

Are you socially aware of your audience?

Social media is a modern tool to engage key target audiences, increase brand awareness and ultimately increase sales.  The power that social media has to capture the attention of a massive potential audience is phenomenal, probably the most potent marketing to sales transformation tool since the birth of the internet itself. We think it is madness to ignore.

Although its vast landscape may seem daunting to some, be assured that we possess the detailed knowledge and passion to help guide you every step of the way.

“It’s all down to precise planning, quick reactions and continuous research and education. Simple”

Pick ‘n’ mix will define the correct social media channels for your brand and through informative and positive interaction, will establish a rewarding relationship with your existing and potential customers.

Stage 1

  • Identify social media channels
  • Create a long term communication strategy
  • Profile set-up
  • Identify and follow relevant groups and organisations
  • Identify and follow significant media groups and journalists

Stage 2

  • Implement and manage communications strategy
  • Enlist followers through media communications
  • Enlist followers through rewarding consumer incentives
  • Manage follower interaction